Naked Truce (2019)

This series was shot on the shores of Northern Ireland, where bodies and landscapes surrender to each other in surreal settings.

During a trip to Belfast, I wanted to escape the tensions of the city. I embarked on multiple journeys to the countryside - and into the subconscious. I was taking portraits on different spots along the mystical, rough coast of Northern Ireland, intrigued by the surreal magic of the landscape and the contrast between soft skin and hard rocks. One of the spots, the Giant's Causeway, contains the legend that giants have built the scenery. This myth served as one of the inspirations for the series. As I reassembled the images afterward, nature and humans switched scales, and giant beings suddenly entered the imagery. Intertwining in impossible ways, they were pulling me into their mysterious world. It was as if they were trying to re-negotiate their place within the scenery and between reality and imagination. The naked human body and the dark beauty of nature merged into an uncanny fairy tale where the familiar and the fantastical came together, clashing and trying to make peace.

Special thanks to:
Alizé, Aurélie, Katharina & Marta