Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam, 2019

Common Concrete - A building book (2019)

photography prints on paper, cardboard, tape, wood, paint

This project is built upon an investigation around concrete and questions of (re)construction, inspired by the idea of Bauhaus architecture and particularly its ample use of concrete. Photographs of concrete architecture and self-made sculptures are removed from their original context and become part of a new inventory that suggests multiple possible combinations.

Responding to the words of artist and Bauhaus teacher Paul Klee that “a painting is built up piece by piece, no different from a house”, photography is here approached in the same way: the image can be constructed, assembled bit by bit from different parts.

By reshuffling the existing world into one that supports new links between elements, the idea of the project goes along with the multidisciplinary and interconnected spirit of Bauhaus and integrates thoughts we are facing today: How to relate to all the existing materials and ideas, how to reuse and reconnect them in new ways?

See the book of the project.

Exhibited during the 'Rethinking Bauhaus' symposium at the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam in November 2019, in celebration if the 100th anniversary of Bauhaus.